Competitive EDGE Institute

The Premier Center for Data-Driven Movement Science


What are we here for? — I’m so glad you asked.

We want YOU to experience the freedom and empowerment that comes from using movement as medicine.

Whether you’re dealing with an injury that’s stuck around for years, are looking to get out of pain, or simply want to take your athletic performance to the next level, movement science and biomechanics has the answer.

Competitive EDGE Institute was created to elevate the field of movement science through research-backed, PROVEN training pathways — and to share that with more people. We want YOU to feel empowered to address the true cause of your pain or performance limitation.

We’ve been privileged to help over one thousand athletes and active individuals get out of pain, back to an active lifestyle, and to performing at the top of their game.

To read more about our story and meet our doctors, head over to About Us. To learn more about the courses we offer and how we can help you, check out the Featured Courses listed above or peruse our Full Course Listings.

We love a good challenge, so if you don’t see the right course for you, contact our office to talk about a CUSTOM program to help you achieve your unique goals.