Running shouldn't hurt.

You can run without pain and without fear of injury.

We can show you how.

Important Message For Runners From Dr. Kevin Vandi, Creator of The Running Blueprint

How would your life be different if you could run without worrying about pain or injury?

What would change if you could pick out your perfect training program and not hear that little voice wondering if you can finish the long runs?

Are you tired of complaining when your spouse asks how your runs went?

(Or even worse, have they stopped asking altogether?) 

If you’re ready to post Strava data you can brag about at your running club instead of telling people you're "still taking it easy", you’re in the right place. 

I’m here to make that your reality again. 

All runners want is to run — but it’s more than that. 

You want to run without worry. 

The biggest stressor during your tempo workout should be how hard you can push yourself, not whether the workout is even a good idea with the way your knee has been feeling. 

When you spend months unable to plan your weekly mileage with certainty, it’s not just frustrating — you’re left questioning whether you should even be running. 

Your doctor has probably already told you to stop because it’s bad for your knees, or at least tried to brace you for the idea that you can’t do this forever. 

And picking the shorter route when you meet up with your running club isn’t just a bruise to the ego. It invites the ultimate question…

…is this the beginning of the end? Is it time to give up running?

Are there any more PRs in the future, or have you actually reached your capacity?

Are you destined to be dealing with one injury after another, wondering if the next one will finally make you give up running?

That’s a terrifying place to be. You end up with so much self doubt… “What am I doing wrong? Why can everyone else run without injury, while I’m stuck doing boring PT exercises and STILL have knee pain?”

I know firsthand what it feels like to question whether running is in your future — I’ve had knee surgery twice. Each time, rehab was challenging, and it seemed like I would never run without pain again. 

But the reason I’m writing today — and the reason I’m assuming you’re reading this — is because there IS hope. 

Running without pain and fear of injury

is possible. 

It doesn’t matter what your doctor told you. It doesn’t matter if you’re getting older. It doesn’t matter that your first round of PT didn’t work. 

You can break the cycle of injury, and I can show you how. 

Before we get to how, there’s one thing I need you to know:

It’s not your fault. 

Being stuck in a cycle of pain, injury, rest, run, repeat — is not your fault. 

The problem is not you. It’s not your innate ability to run. 

The problem is that you’re an athlete in a system built for the average. 

When you go to your family doctor and tell them your knee is hurting when you hit mile 12, their solution is to send you to PT and tell you to run fewer miles. And let’s be honest…that’s not a real solution for you. 

Then when you get to your neighborhood PT, it’s all bridges, planks, and clamshells….been there, done that. 

Did they even watch you run?? How are they supposed to get you back to running when they won’t even look at your form! Heck, the guy at the shoe store did more than that. 

Running is a high-demand sport, and you’re used to pushing your body. 

Average physical therapy isn’t going to cut it. You need something that will challenge you at the level you’re used to. 

You need someone who understands that running isn’t just something you do, it’s part of who you are. 

And, you need someone who knows running inside and out — the physical demands, the mental elements, and what exactly it will take to get you back on the trails without pain or trepidation. 

I get it — you don’t just want to get out of pain. You want to get back to running the way you used to before your pain kicked in.

I BELIEVE in your ability to run — really and truly run — again. 

The rehab system is full of medical professionals who have “seen a runner or two” instead of someone who has decided that, “treating runners is WHAT I do.” Big difference. 

I’ve dedicated my career to helping runners. I believe that anyone can run, at any age. You just need the right foundation. 

That’s why I developed The Running Blueprint. 

The Running Blueprint is recovery and injury-prevention built for runners. 

And it’s all online, so you can do it from anywhere in the world.

I based the program on data collected in my running lab in San Jose. I tested and refined the program on real runners over the course of a decade, so you know it works. (To date, we’ve helped more than a 1000 runners get out of pain!)

You'll start by building a foundation in muscle strength and activation. I’ll give you the most effective exercises, and we’ll focus on building the strength you need for running. I won’t waste your time on unnecessary exercises — you’re here for one thing!

As the program progresses, so will your drills. I’ll ensure that the strength you’re building actually translates to your running. That means less pain and more running!

The Running Blueprint looks at running in a whole new way: it’s about building your running SKILL. It’s about building a better runner and unlocking your full potential.

You won’t waste your time on exercises that don’t help you get back to what matters most — actually running.
Plus, the program is designed to grow with you, so that you'll see improvements even after the pain is gone.

Here's what Andrea had to say about The Running Blueprint:

“This weekend I’m volunteering for the Ironman in my city. Last year, you helped me get to the starting line uninjured and I crossed the finish line without even so much as a blister!

I have continued the program… and what’s so amazing to me is that I’m running more effectively than I have in my ENTIRE LIFE!!! (I started running at age 11 at Jim Ryan Running Camp 45 years ago) I’m stronger, have more endurance, and better form than I did in middle school...which is often the apex of running from for females. The other day I realized, I don’t even think about injury anymore, a thought that dominated my mind during my IM training even as I started the Runner’s Blueprint. 

Anyway, I could go on and on, but suffice it to say, I’m still applying all the things I learned and believe just about anyone can run as long as the care to if they know the right way to do it.

My next Ironman is a 70.3 in July! Going for time (now that injuries are a thing of the past!!!)

When Andrea joined The Running Blueprint, she was trying to get back to running after meniscus surgery. 

She had already been through traditional PT, and had accepted that pain would be part of her training experience for the rest of her life. 

It wasn’t until she joined The Running Blueprint that she found lasting relief. She was able to build the strength necessary to improve her form. Now, instead of bracing for pain with every run, she doesn’t even think about injury anymore!

I'm confident that I can help you, too. 

If you…

- Have been dealing with off- and-on pain for six months or more 
- Spend hours foam rolling and researching new shoes to only get a week of relief
- Avoid going to the doctor because you don’t want to be told to stop running (we both know that’s not going to happen)
- Want to tell your significant other how well your run went for once, instead of complaining about the pain that came up halfway through
- Are ready to say goodbye to running pain and reclaim your weekly miles!

Then this course was made for YOU.

The Curriculum: Here's What We'll Cover In The 8 Modules

Module 1: The Science Of Running Simplified

-The 3 Key Phases of Optimal Running Biomechanics
-When Most Injuries Happen AND How to Avoid Them
-The Best Way to Generate Power in Your Push Off
-Tips for Improving Shock Absorption to Avoid Wear and Tear

Module 2: The Secret Of "Muscle Activation"

-The Science of How Your Brain and Muscles Wire Together
-Why Strength Training Without Muscle Activation is a Waste
-The 5 Critical Activation Exercises for Your Glutes, Core, and Foot

Module 3: Functional Movement For Runners

-How to Use a "Hip Hinge" Squat for Optimal Muscle Output
-The 2 Most Important Glute Activation Exercises
-How to Train Your "Foot Core" to Avoid Plantar Fasciitis and Other Debilitating Foot Injuries

Module 4: Running-Specific Strength Training

-Why Runners NEED Strength Training
-Debunking the Myth That Strength Training Will Make You Bulky and Slow
-Vital Form Tips to Avoid Injury when Strength Training
-The 4 Running-Specific Strength Drills EVERY Runner Should Do

Module 5: How To Use "Active" Shock Absorption

-Why You Need Active Shock Absorption to Stay Healthy and Pain-Free
- How to Decrease Your Landing Forces by 10% in Just 2 Weeks
-The 5 BEST Running Drills to Improve Running Energy Storage

Module 6: Optimizing Alignment For Running Efficiency

-The Essential Running "Alignment" Drills to Significantly Decrease Injury Risk
-Identifying the "Power Leaks" That Are Robbing You of Faster Times
-Learn the 5 Most Effective Running Alignment Drills

Module 7: The Power of Plyometrics

-The Simple Formula for Training with Plyos to Increase Speed
-Using Speed Drills Correctly to Increase Performance
-The Only 5 Plyo Drills You'll Ever Need

Module 8: Running Re-Training - Putting It All Together

-Easy Running Form Drills You Can Use on Any Run
-How to Use Your Running Watch as a Coach
-The 2 KEY Re-Training Drills That You Can Use Immediately

The Running Blueprint is NOT a guru formula or "quick-fix" solution. 

It's a program built from 100+ research articles and data from 1000+ runners to serve one purpose: to get you back to running the way you WANT to.

3 Exclusive Bonuses that will Take the Guesswork Out of Your Training!

Bonus #1 : The Pliability Blueprint Course

"The 14 BEST Mobility Drills For Runners" (Value $297)

This course will help you stay mobile and injury-free during training. These drills can immediately improve your range of motion and ease your pain. Even if you don't like to stretch, these pliability drills are easy-to-do and quick. Plus, we've only included the most effective drills, so you don't have to think about what's best for your body. 

Bonus #2 : A FULL- YEAR Daily Training Calendar

12 Months of Planned Workouts That Follow The Running Blueprint, Pliability Blueprint, and Best Core Drills For Runners (Value $347)

This training plan is a full-year of daily workouts that follows the exact timeline of the Running Blueprint. PLUS it gives you specific daily drills for pliability, core, and stretching. You'll be able to follow along with The Running Blueprint and all the bonus content without having to create your own calendar or combine plans.

Bonus #3: Work 1:1 With a Running Blueprint Certified Coach

Access To Bi-Monthly Coaching Calls (Value $197)

Working with a running specialist is the BEST way to get the most out of this program. You'll receive access to our bi-monthly, live video coaching calls hosted by me, Dr. Kevin Vandi. I'll be able to answer all your questions directly, walk you through exercises, and provide cues and exercise progressions. Plus, you'll be able to meet other Running Blueprint runners, learn from their questions, and celebrate their successes!

In Total, By Joining The Running Blueprint Program, You're Getting $841 Worth Of Bonuses For FREE!

If that's not enough to convince you, take it from other runners in the program...

"This program radically changed my running biomechanics so I could run pain-free after 9 knee surgeries (including 2 ACL reconstructions). Recently, I completed my first IronMan. 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike, 26.2 mile run. At age 57! My knees were fine all the way through a year of training and the race itself. Thank you!"

SteveIronman triathlete

"Every running specialist at Competitive EDGE is fantastic. Knowledgeable and caring with a state of the art running program. They really helped me run pain-free, stronger and happy again. I injured my leg in July and in December I was able to run a marathon PR! The exercise program is detailed, intense and effective."

ElisaMarathon Runner

Join The Running Blueprint

and get back to what matters most -- actually running.

Dr. Kevin Vandi DPT, OCS, CSCS

Dr. Kevin Vandi is the author of The Running Blueprint and a nationally recognized specialist in running biomechanics, orthopedics, and sports performance.

He's lectured around the country, speaking to runners, physical therapists, and sports scientists on how to optimize running mechanics for efficiency and speed while decreasing injury risk.

Kevin is the founder of Competitive EDGE Physical Therapy, where he and his team have successfully trained more than 700 runners. Kevin has over 12 years of experience working with athletes of all levels and currently serves as the physical therapist for the San Jose Earthquakes professional soccer team.

During his professional career Kevin has consistently been on the forefront of cutting edge running and sports biomechanics technology. As founder of The Running Blueprint System, Kevin continually scours research and analyzes the 3 terabytes of running data from his lab to find the most optimal methods to help runners be at their best.

When he's not training runners, you can find Kevin with his wife and 5 children hiking the amazing trails in the Bay Area.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to stop my regular running schedule while I do the course?

Absolutely not! In fact, the first several weeks of the program are designed to be done alongside your regular routine without interrupting your schedule. In the first week, you’ll just need 20 minutes a day. Plus, let’s be honest: even if I wanted you to take time off running, it probably wouldn’t happen anyway, so let’s keep it realistic!

How long does the course take to complete?

The full program, start to finish, takes about 5 months to complete. BUT, you're going to start seeing results as early as the first weeks of the program. There are simple changes we can make that will have an immediate impact on your running comfort. As you get deeper into the program, you’ll see bigger changes (and more importantly, you’ll FEEL them).

Will an online program actually be able to help me? I went to PT in person, and it seems like something you need to be there for.

I am confident that this program will provide you with the tools and knowledge necessary to run as safely and strongly as possible. I’ve worked with runners from around the world — many of them without ever meeting face to face! — and have been able to eliminate decades-long pain and limitation. The principles we’ll be discussing in the course are fundamentals about how to run safely and confidently, including recovery best practices, specific exercises for strengthening, and the drills necessary to run in the safest way possible. All of that is possible without any massage or hands-on work!

What if I'm unhappy with the course?

We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund.

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